The Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Independent Hotels (Part 2)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
October 31, 2012
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The next post in our 2-part series on the best way for an independent hotel to market itself in the digital space will place a focus on search-engine optimization (SEO). When a new website, quality content, and convenient updating are linked with SEO, there is ample opportunity for success. There are many ways for a hotel to perform well on search results, and RevRock-It™ and Prelude do a formidable job of incorporating all the best SEO elements for successful placement.

Ongoing efforts

SEO requires a persistent and continuous effort. In order to stay competitive, various aspects must be frequently monitored and updated. RevRock-It™ takes care of placing property high on Google and other search engines for specific keywords. With Google’s Panda update, simply shoving keywords into the body of a website (“keyword stuffing”) actually places a website lower on Google. Relevantly and fluently incorporating keywords into quality website content is the way to go, and the professional copywriting that comes with the RevRock-It™ product does so beautifully.

Engaging blog

Blogging is an essential component to an online marketing strategy. A blog makes a website dynamic, timely, and fresh. Hotels are lucky because there is such a wide spectrum of topics about which to write. RevRock-It™ includes one, two, or three lifestyle blogs a month. These blogs engage potential guests and are even very informative for those visiting the area. To take even the online marketing a step further, allowing hotel employees to blog or share their local information can have a huge impact and make a website even more personalized. To capitalize on these blogs and really get them out there, RevRock-It™ even includes social bookmarking submission. Bring on the site traffic!

And then some…

Google+ Local is more important than ever because of its integration with Google’s search results. Ensuring information is accurate and up to date is an often overlooked step. With many businesses obtaining reviews on Google+ similar to those on Yelp, however, it is important to have an optimized page on both sites. On top of this, search directory and local listing submissions only supplement a matured SEO approach. There are, of course, many other important tactics that fall within the real of RevRock-It™ that make the product effective.

For independent hotels, having a legitimate online marketing strategy can be a “make or break” situation. Every property is at a different stage in its online marketing and one of the best things about RevRock-It™ is that it offers various levels depending on each property’s unique needs. If you were looking for a no frills approach, we also offer our Prelude product. This series provides some basic steps that a hotel can take to improve its visibility on the web, but the idea is that a holistic approach between all necessary elements is the best way to success in online marketing.

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