The Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Independent Hotels (Part 1)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
October 10, 2012
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The best online marketing strategy is one that effectively enhances each online marketing component to its fullest potential. In this day and age, it is simply not enough for a hotelier to think that a website redesign six years ago is sufficient, or that a stale Facebook page set up a year ago is doing his property any good. Being found on the web easily can be critical to a hotel’s mere existence. The best way to fully augment a hotel’s web presence is to keep all of its online marketing components updated and consistent. And the best way to do so is with RevBooster™, a recently launched online marketing product that cost-effectively improves an independent hotel’s online presence which results in an increase in direct bookings, less reliance on 3rd party intermediaries, and the best ROI.

Fresh, optimized websiteOne great component of RevBooster™ is a new website. With so many constantly-emerging digital trends, it is vital to have an up-to-date site. “New every two” is a good rule of thumb! Having a mobile- and tablet-optimized website is also a key ingredient to a successful online marketing strategy. It is estimated by eMarketer that over 36 million people will research travel on a smartphone this year, and having a special site for these devices can put a hotel miles ahead of its competitors.

Expressive contentA huge perk of redesigning a hotel’s website is the chance to spice up the content. Many hotels use generic, repetitive, and exhausted wording across their pages. Does “cutting-edge technology” or “first-class gym equipment” really entice people to book at a specific hotel? If every hotel uses those phrases in its copy then they can desensitize a reader pretty quickly. With RevBooster™, there is an option for a savvy and professional content producer to actually visit the property in-person to experience herself the service, the crowd, and the overall ambiance. This involvement is then reflected in the writing, resulting in more unique, personalized, and welcoming website copy.

ConvenienceRevBooster™ gives the hotelier himself the freedom to make convenient updates on a user-friendly CMS module system without having to go through an outside support team. It is possible to update specials, calendar events, or area guide information easily and quickly! This is a nice feature for creating awareness about any last-minute events or special offers.

The thorough SEO components of RevBooster™ are effective in spreading the hotel’s name across the web in the most relevant places, and will be described further in a later blog post. It is the culminating efforts of all these indispensable marketing components that make RevBooster™ such a success. And when paired with a distinct social media strategy, the possibilities are endless. When all is said and done, a holistic online marketing approach just makes sense!

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