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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
January 4, 2012
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There’s a new RSS Reader on the market that has been getting a fair amount of attention since its Christmas launch. Subpug is a useful new (and free!) web service similar to Google Reader that allows you to read all of your favorite blogs and websites in one place. The website is great because it is very user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. It’s also really simple to set up initially. To start off, users can choose between a subscription starter pack and a blank option, which comes with nothing pre-subscribed. The starter packs come in various areas of interest that are pre-subscribed to specific blogs that fit their respective categories. Categories range from Gadgets, to Film, to Geek Humor, and more. Users can add any RSS feeds they want and are not limited to the pre-subscribed options.

One of the best features of Subpug is that you don’t have to register, sign in or even give your email address at all. In these days of spam and junk emails galore, not being automatically added to an e-blast list is quite refreshing. Your subscriptions are saved to your browser so anytime you go back to the site in that browser you don’t have to reselect or set up anything. The layout is clean and simple and the colors are neat and easy to read. Ads and other clutter are filtered out so users see only pertinent content and photos.

Another practical element is that Subpug picks relevant comments and tweets for each article and displays them on the right-hand side as you scroll down the page. There are also links to Wikipedia pages for main keywords of the articles. Small sharing buttons exist at the bottom of each article where users can easily share stories to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. If you want to keep up with your subscriptions on your mobile phone or other device, this reader has thought of everything! You simply enter your email address, which then sends you a link that even saves where you left off reading. And as of yet, despite entering my email address to view the reader on my phone, I have not received any emails or spam from Subpug and hope the site continues to keep me off its list. Or if I do get an email, I can only hope they include some photos of their cute pug mascot!

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