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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
March 30, 2012

Technology has been streamlining store processes for over a decade now, from cell phones to self-checkout machines to tablets. Each device is created with the goal of making purchases quicker and easier in order to provide excellent customer service. Tello and Pay by Name by Square are two tools that have promise to revolutionize small business—if only businesses will opt-in.

Now you can text a business feedback with Tello

Tello is trying to make this process faster by creating a SaaS and mobile application to help customers communicate with businesses in a fast and simple manner. The service was created so that customers could give live feedback to retailers, airlines, hotels, small business and restaurants. According to founder Joe Beninato, Tello is essentially “Twitter meets Yelp.” Feedback from consumers is usually concise and to the point, although it doesn’t have to be limited to 140 characters.

Users with iPhones and iMacs can download the Tello app and create a username to provide real-time feedback. With the app, smartphone users can text businesses, who can also respond. There is also the simple rating option of thumbs up or down with all feedback. So the next time you’re stuck in a line to check-in at a hotel, you’ll be able to communicate your frustration directly.

Tello goes a step further than services like Yelp to get the businesses involved. They are required to sign up for Tello so that they can be more involved with their customer reviews. Up to three profiles on Tello are free for most businesses. Beninato says that 80% of feedback on Tello has been positive, but the real question is, will businesses opt in to its services? Only time will tell.

Painless Payment with Pay by Name from Square

Technology is also streamlining another often painful part of customer service: payment. Perhaps you’ve used Square when purchasing from a street vendor; it’s a tiny reader that can read credit cards via your iPhone. Popular online payment system Paypal recently announced that they will be releasing a similar triangle dongle that can be attached to smartphones to compete with Square.

Tello and Pay by Name are both tools that have fantastic potential to improve a businesses’ customer service. Do you think users will use these services, and businesses will opt-in? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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