Start the Season Strong with Staycations to Increase Hotel Bookings

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Aileen Hoang
Aileen Hoang
May 19, 2014
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The summer season is fast approaching, and that typically means that your hotel’s occupancy rates will hopefully be booming around this time of the year. Summer is a busy season for the hospitality industry, but how is your hotel faring during other seasons of the year? Hoteliers are quick to notice, and hopefully prepare for, the low season(s) of business where fewer guests are staying in the hotel. One of the most effective methods to increase off-season bookings is to utilize the area around your hotel to the fullest extent. This requires hoteliers to research for the kinds of local events, popular attractions, services, tours, and other fun activities nearby and develop creative hotel packages to lure in potential customers.

Keep in mind that the better you know your audience, the more persuasive and effective your special offer will be. Does your customer base mainly consist of leisure travelers? Offer your guests a tour to the nearest landmarks for some educational fun, spa packages for a more relaxing experience, event tickets to attend a popular and exhilarating concert, or a shuttle service to and from the annual festival being held in the city expecting a whopping 3,000 attendees. So your customer base largely consists of business travelers? Provide free access to your business center for a company conference, a guest loyalty program equipped with the opportunity for free room upgrades, complimentary high-speed WiFi for the occasional Skype meeting, or a regularly stocked and high quality mini bar for your on-the-go business professionals. Is your hotel located near a major airport, historic landmark, famous venue, massive shopping center or the like? Take advantage of these high traffic areas and combine efforts with other area businesses to create highly desirable hotel packages for your potential customers. Guests are not only interested in staying at a nice hotel, but they also desire an amazing and comprehensive experience that will give them a compelling enough reason to return to your hotel in the future. The opportunities around your hotel are endless as new events and services arise – take advantage of these opportunities to increase bookings during the low season for your hotel!

Of course, there are costs involved in offering hotel packages, but hoteliers must become accustomed to looking at the bigger picture to bring in more revenue. The price for the hotel package may require more work to implement and the price may be greater than OTA offers, but the extra perks entices guests and will likely lead to an increase in direct bookings and overall savings. Therefore, providing creative and fun hotel packages for guests can ultimately result in increased revenue directly to your hotel and greater opportunities for repeat business all throughout the year.

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