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August 12, 2013
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Re: Imagination: Google Re: Brief

Aug 12, 2013     Post by :  Guest BloggerNo commentsBefore online advertising, a five-word print slogan could sell millions. A captivating billboard picture could convert thousands of brand advocates. A 30-second TV commercial could get millions hooked on that company. In this digital advertising era, Google is integrating those powerful, old school marketing message techniques into an online platform. By taking time-tested commercial favorites and recreating them, the Google Project Re:Brief is challenging the old concepts used in the advertising industry and making them relevant for today’s consumers.

Google Takes the Initiative

Google is taking the same viewpoint as the admen from decades past and forging ahead using the same concept in new, globalized ways. By re-thinking and re-imagining an ad from several years ago, Google is creating a new type of campaign that reaches out on a massive level. One of the best examples of this new advancement is the re-thinking of the original “Hilltop” Coke commercial created by Harvey Gabor.

Making the Old New Again

The slogan that eventually became Coke’s theme song, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” was written on an airport napkin and eventually used to establish the beverage as one of the most popular in the world, according to Coca-Cola’s website. In fact, after the release of the commercial in 1971, the song became so popular, the public begged their favorite radio stations to play it. Today, Google is taking the slogan seriously, and has designed a new ad campaign that allows people to do exactly what the campaign says: to buy people worldwide a Coke.

Google Project Re:Brief

The Google Project Re:Brief concept uses the idea of buying the world a Coke, and makes it a real possibility by creating interactive apps and Coke machines that allow individuals to reach each other across the globe. A person in California can bring up the Coke app on a mobile device, choose an ad and a destination, and literally send a person in China or London a Coke, as explains.

Google’s Project Re:Brief is also targeting the famous Alka Seltzer campaign featuring the slogan, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing,” as well as Volvo’s “Drive it like you hate it.” An Avis ad featuring the, “We try harder” slogan is also being revamped. By bringing in members of the original teams who created the ads, Google is working towards re-designing the way people think of online advertising.

Raising the Bar for Online Advertising

While television and radio ads become lasting memories while reaching the senses of sight and sound, people don’t usually look at online banners and advertisements and see a catch phrase that will stick with them. Google believes that by using the newest advancements in interactive technologies, they can create ad campaigns for the Internet that will rival those on satellite companies such as and television networks.

The technology Google is using today to re-power old ads overshadows anything used in the past and makes the ads stand out in an entirely new light. Google’s attempt to make online advertising as exciting and memorable as television ads may be a little challenging, but the company is leading the charge in innovative online advertising.

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