Pining for Pinterest (Android App Review)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
April 29, 2012
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Popular photo-sharing, social-networking site Pinterest released its highly anticipated Android app on August 15. With Android smartphones comprising 68% of the worldwide market and Pinterest itself seeing over 10 million unique monthly visitors, many wondered what took so long for an Android app to emerge. It’s clear now that the company was simply perfecting its application without wanting to release anything too soon, and now Android users will see that it was well worth the wait.

The Pinterest app for Android is by far one of the most fluid, intuitive, and visually-appealing apps I have ever used. Upon installation, it is quite easy to sign up or log in with Facebook, Twitter, or an email address, exactly how it is on the desktop site. In terms of functionality, I have found nothing so far that I can do on the website that I can’t do on the mobile app. Of course, browsing and pinning are its biggest features, but on the app it is also possible to find your Facebook friends, invite new users, follow boards, see recent activity, and more.


Pinning images to your boards is made very easy by Android’s share menu. After installing the Pinterest app, “Create Pin” is automatically added to the dropdown share menu with the rest of the social media channels and all pinnable photos/videos on your browser’s page come up. Of course, pinning existing gallery photos and taking photos are encouraged by the “Create Pin” text next to a camera on the main page of the app.


It is very easy to browse on the Pinterest app. It’s painless, quick, and easy to look through your followers’ pins, your own pins, and various categories to discover new inspirations. It is just the same to Repin, Like, and Comment on another pin on the app as it is on the desktop site. One special feature I enjoy having the option of using is “Save to Device,” which sends that image to my gallery under a new “Pins” album. This might be useful in case I don’t want to publicly Like or Repin the image but still want to save it. When you Repin an image, the app alerts you if it has been Repinned successfully but it doesn’t take you away from that original pin. If you click on “Repinned” you will be directed to the image’s original website. The app is also great about frequently refreshing so users won’t miss any new, fresh pins.

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