Periodic Table of the Elements of Social Media

Social Media Tree
Jacquelynn Mendez
Jacquelynn Mendez
March 30, 2011
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Are you ready to dig into the science behind social media? As demonstrated through the periodic table below, social media is an interconnected network of platforms or elements that are regularly mixed together to create a variety of social formulas that are used by people throughout the world. Within the social sphere, each formula represents the combination of platforms used to receive and/or push out information of every day news, events and opinions. And just like the chemical compounds we learned about in chemistry, each combination differs in terms of availability, reactivity and functionality.

As you can see, this particular interpretation of the periodic table of social elements is created in an easy to read format so that it can be used by both social media beginners and experts alike to learn or teach others the basics of the social sphere, from bookmarking sites to blogs.

I have determined that my social media equivalent of H2O is Fb2MaTw because it is a combination that I can’t live without. What is your H2O equivalent?

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