Now is the Time to Go Green

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Nigel Rodgers
Nigel Rodgers
April 24, 2015
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As inhabitants of this planet, we all have a duty to protect our environment. Hotels can be large sources of pollution, overusers of water, and wasters of energy. But there are methods hoteliers can take to ensure that they being eco-friendly. Many major hotels have already started going green and integrating conservative methods into their operations. The environmentally friendly hotel trend is sweeping the industry so now’s your chance to catch on: not just to save money, but to save the planet as well.

With droughts occurring across the U.S., water conservation is currently a hot topic. According to an LA Times article, bathrooms are the biggest sources of water waste accounting for 30% of hotel water use. There are plenty of ways that hotels can reduce their use of water. One of the easiest fixes is changing all of your shower heads and toilets to a low-flow option. This will actually help reduce the amount of energy needed to pump water. Switching will also decrease the amount of water one uses to shower and flush. Hotels are also encouraging guests to reuse their towels and linen during their stay in order to reduce the amount of water, detergent, and greenhouse gases used for laundry. Many hotels have also been replacing their flowers with more drought-tolerant plants.

Reducing energy consumption should be another focus for hotels. Switching to solar power is very popular these days. By adding a few solar panels to the roof of your building, you can rid yourself of a large portion of energy that light bulbs use. Hoteliers can also replace bulbs in their buildings with compact fluorescent lights and LED lights. Also, get your staff involved and talk to them about the importance of turning off lights in vacant rooms.

Small features can be added to your hotel to make it more green. Try placing designated recycle bins throughout your hotel. Since we are in a paperless era, installing automatic hand dryers in the restrooms and using digital itineraries and confirmations will help keep your hotel environmentally efficient.

Besides helping the planet, becoming a green hotel will also help your hotel spend less. According to Green Hotels, companies reduced energy and water consumption costs by over 20% when switching to a more green option. Also the U.S. Department of Energy offers grants to those who are interested in implementing solar panels into their business.

Going green in your hotel will give your company a competitive advantage. In the aforementioned article by the LA Times, nearly 60% of travellers plan to make an eco-friendly choice for hotel stays. Going green is also a great PR strategy that will attract more guests to lodge in your hotel. Get into the Earth Day spirit and consider ways to make your hotel better for the environment.

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