Make Sure Your Adwords Campaigns are Google+ Ready

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David Sotelo
David Sotelo
February 27, 2012
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Google + was off to a slow start but it has gained some ground and is beginning to be a viable social networking site. Not too long ago Google also introduced +1 as a way to like or give your approval of web content you like and could be seen by your contacts and social circle when logged in. One of the real values of Google + and +1 is the integration into their search engine results page and if you use Adwords they are showing their prominence their too.

Setting up a Google + pages account for your business can be a great way to create a stronger brand through social networking but it will help your search engine ranking and your AdWords account. If you have an AdWords account you can link your Google + page using social extensions that are available. The social extensions can be a simple and convenient tool to help create more value for your brand and company. When you have the +1 on your ads people can +1 or give their stamp of approval it will show up on the ad’s and help establish a better ad ranking for you. One really nice feature is that when someone +1’s your Google + page it will show up on your AdWords ads.


There are multiple ways to increase your online presence but if you have not set up a Google + page you are doing yourself a disservice. Google dominates the online marketing game and their algorithms seem to be including their pages in the top rankings of the search engine. The bottom line here is the more of a social presence you can have and the more active you are with your trying to positively influence your brand the more you will be rewarded.  If you use AdWords then combining Google + and the +1 button will only help you break away from the competition in this competitive online world.

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