It’s a Win/Win Situation: Gaming & Branding Through Social Media

Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
January 9, 2013

The following is a guest blog post from Christopher Smith, who writes about the benefits of integrating your brand into social gaming sites.

In a world already crowded with enough channels to keep your marketing team busy for the rest of their careers, it’s tempting to ask if your brand needs to add one more to the mix. If the channel in question happens to be social gaming, then the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Aside from mammoth social networking sites, no other online destination consistently draws more daily visitors than social gaming. Exposure to that kind of traffic can offer significant benefits to your brand. To get a better idea of what these applications can do for you, consider the following four reasons why social gaming is good for your brand:

Association With Social Activity

Players spend so much time on bingo and gaming sites like for the sheer pleasure of gaming. However, they are also drawn to the easy access of a community of peers with similar interests. In essence, the sites provide a safe environment that allows them to be social. By sponsoring social gaming sites, a brand can find itself in a position to guide the messaging in the time that consumers spend online. Human beings crave the chance to be social, and they are likely to reward any brand that consistently allows that to happen through their advertising dollars.

Maximized Brand Exposure

When gamers flock to an online destination, they rarely stay for a quick visit before moving along in the Information Superhighway. Instead, users are likely to spend hours immersing themselves in virtual communities. Brands sponsoring these gaming sites often have the opportunity to get their message and logo in front of players countless times. While gamers are enjoying themselves online, they begin to associate sponsors’ brands with very positive experiences, and that can easily translate into a loyal customer relationship.

Immediate Social Proof

Brands that become an integral part of a popular online social game can enjoy the benefits of building nearly instant social proof. Social proof, as Robert Cialdini pointed out in his book, “Influence,” is a strategy that consumers use. The goal of social proof is to limit their risk in the marketplace by carefully observing what other people think of a product, service, or brand before spending money on it. The idea here is that when site visitors get involved in a game and see that 123,000 other people “like” the brands that sponsor it, their trust of that brand can only increase.

Massive Reach for Minimum Money

Advertising in social gaming environments is cheap, relative to other forms of mass media. At the same time, these sites can deliver more traffic than most channels can dream of. As Dr. Amy Vanderbilt points out, these sites may not drive sales, but they can be extremely helpful in increasing brand awareness. After all, it’s not unusual for the largest gaming sites to draw hundreds of millions of users. Associate your brand with such a site and there’s no telling how many people will experience your messaging.

These benefits make spending advertising dollars in the gaming arena an attractive prospect for companies wishing to project a fun, tech-savvy image, memorable for visitors. As these sites continue to grow in popularity, funds spent within this new marketing channel have the potential to payoff for a long time to come.

Christopher Smith is a former beat reporter who followed the casino industry in major gambling hubs such as Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. He is currently working on a book about the evolution of gambling laws through the last century.

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