Instagram’s Most Frequently Asked Q & A

Instagram’s Most Frequently Asked Q & A
Jacqueline Puga
Jacqueline Puga
June 20, 2018

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How does Instagram determine what I see?

Instagram works using an algorithm. The algorithm is a set of rules that determines how different accounts interact with each other to bring you the content that you are most likely to interact with. Instagram’s algorithm considers interest, recency, and relationship of the accounts to show you what it thinks you might find the most interesting. Depending on the content you like, how often you comment on certain posts and other factors, the algorithm will customize your feed to your interactions with it.

Do #hashtags really work?

Yes! They do, but… they have to be the right ones! For example, if you want to promote your travel blog, you might be able to reach an audience that is interested in traveling using a general hashtag like #travelblog. Although they might not be in your network, if they search that specific hashtag they can find your account which will is based on the content that they are looking for. Respectively, if you use a hashtag that is promoting a certain type of content based on a hashtag, let say #foodie, but your account is about fashion, you won’t find the right type of people looking at your content and therefore will not gain the people who could potentially be interested in the content you are putting out.

How do you know what type of content to put out?

At first you won’t. The more you continue to use Instagram, the more you’ll notice which posts are performing better. When you find posts that stand out from the crowd, you can recreate them. Tailoring your content to what your audience likes will give you higher rates of engagement. Keep this in mind while being genuine to your brand and your true identity. You want to be conscious of what you are putting out into the world, while having high performing post to keep your audience interested in what you have to offer and if you are passionate about the type of content that you are producing, you can accomplish both.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories allow you to post videos or photos and add filters, stickers, or other effects on them. These stories are available when you click on a profile photo but only for 24 hours. After this time, the stories disappear so having a time limit creates a sense of urgency for users to click on the stories before they are gone for good. Another appeal of stories is that they show up on the feed of your followers at the top of their home screen. This gives them a boost since this is more prominent than a regular post with the trade off of having it disappear.

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is similar to stories. With instagram stories you can upload short video clips and photos. A Live video is just what it sound like. It is a live broadcast that can last as long as you’d like. Here, this type of content will also be up for only 24 hours but you don’t have the option of inserting special fonts, stickers or adding any filters. This type of content is great for creating a sense of urgency and showcasing an immediate event that is taking place of showcasing important up to date information.

Should I use filters on every photo?

Not necessarily. Every photo you upload does not have to have a filter. Although each photo should have a different subject depending on what you want to put out, try to keep a similar style to have some sort of uniformity to your profile. Some people choose to achieve this by applying the same filter to every photo but a uniform style can be achieved in other ways. For example, some people posts photos of only pastels, while others choose only to feature the same subject again and again. How you achieve this it completely customizable.


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