Incorporating the Holidays into your Marketing Plan

Incorporating the Holidays into your Marketing Plan
Jacqueline Puga
Jacqueline Puga
November 26, 2018
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When it comes to the holidays, it seems like the day they’re here they swing into full force. But is there anything that marketers can take advantage of during the holiday rush? There is, and there are several ways that you can use the holidays to help boost your social media marketing.

The first way to take advantage of the holidays is to build momentum. Even if you are working with a hotel social media strategy from months out, you can start preparing for a critical date along your marketing timeline. For example, if there is a key event related to a big holiday celebration or a special occasion, you can start advertising weeks in advance. Usually, the closer it gets to the date, the more you should post. Depending on the type of event, you can set several posts you want and schedule them as follows. Say you wanted five posts about a special occasion, you can post the first informative post one month out, two weeks in you can remind your audience about it again, the week prior should have another post, the day before and the day of can also have posts. This is a general timeline and should be changed as often as needed, depending on your needs. By spacing out your posts and using language that helps anticipate the event, you can add the momentum of the holidays. This time of year, marketers take full advantage of the call to actions that evoke urgency by using phrases like “Save today” or “Hurry, sale ends soon.” There is no better time to take advantage of this tactic than during the holiday season.

One of the most important parts about planning your marketing strategy is choosing the holidays you want to promote. Since there are so many different cultures and holidays across the globe, it would be nearly impossible to embrace all of these holidays. Choosing to embrace favorite holidays is an excellent way to ensure you can take advantage of the swell of web traffic generated by specific key terms related to these holidays. You’ll want to make sure that aligning these with your brand is a great overall move. Even some of the most popular holidays might not be relevant to your industry, so this is something you’ll want to keep in mind. If a favorite holiday doesn't align with your message, it’s ok to forego it and vice versa. If a smaller holiday is more in line with what your brand represents, it’s a good idea to promote it as long as you can tie it back to your brand in some way.

Always remember that keeping your audience in mind is key to building a successful marketing plan, and this is true even during the holidays. Your audience is your audience because they may be interested in a product or service that you provide. They are your key customers and consumers, and this is a crucial factor in your relationship with them, so embrace it. Just because the holidays are here doesn't mean that you should forget that your customers look for you to give them something they need. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that serves both parties. Always try to tie back the holidays to your product or service. Give your audience ideas through your marketing material of how they can incorporate your products or services into their lives during the festive season. Even if there isn’t much of a connection what you have to offer might be an excellent gift for someone on their gift list.

Once again, the key to marketing for the holidays is to take advantage of the urgency surrounding this season. Make sure to keep this in mind when creating all of your marketing materials and don’t forget that although it’s a business, you can tastefully spread holiday cheer.

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