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April 29, 2013
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The following is a guest blog post written by our friend Christian, co-founder of, the fastest growing aggregator in Latin America.

The goal of all entrepreneurs is to attract new customers and generate revenue for their businesses. During this process, however, we encounter an interesting problem that needs to be solved: How do we reach new clients with an effective marketing strategy?

It is hard enough to implement a new marketing strategy with an unlimited spending budget…and having a small budget provides an even greater challenge, yet is something that can be overcome.  Let’s  take a look at some mechanisms that can be used to attract new clients and future sales by using mobile marketing for our start-up:

1)  Avoid e-mail marketing.In the past, in order to connect potential customers with your brand, your website would ask people for their email addresses. The brand would then send out regular emails to update the customers about what was new. Times have changed and today, entrepreneurs need to recognize that.

Based on our experience, what we do today is ask customers for their phone numbers to add each of our clients to the WhatsApp application and/or Facebook Messenger application.

In this way, we  not only keep in contact with users to invite them to special events or to use our service again, but we also use it intelligently to reach their cell phone and social network contacts.

For example, a gymnasium, a hair salon, and a restaurant can offer exclusive promotions to clients who receive and present  a message received on their phones to share with a group of friends. A gym can offer “Come 3, pay 2” or a restaurant can offer “have lunch today with 4 friends and receive a 35% discount.” In this way, you will not only sell to your past users again, but also generate new clients with mobile marketing.

A method that serves us well and has been influential in carrying the strategy forward is:

  • We first create our own exclusive business venture user in Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
  • For adding us or accepting us as friends on those two apps, we offer the client an advanced 15% discount on the first purchase. Like that, we make sure that we are in contact sending the discount code and that they have received it successfully on their devices.
  • We don’t contact clients all the time; we do it just once a month maximum and with a trigger (discount/promotion) exclusive for this medium. The main purpose of this is to be able to measure the achieved results.

2) Be present on maps + mobile searches.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for mobile devices shares traditions similar to those of desktop searches, but actually, the small changes between desktop and mobile search implemented by Google are what distinguish many elements of entrepreneurship.

The path is different and is basically marked by localization, the famous “on-the-go” search. In this case, not only the key words we are looking for have an influence, but also, “where” we are in the exact moment in which the online search is made.

To explain what we should do, let’s see a concrete example: a restaurant in London, England.

  • We first access Google Places for Business:
  • We go step by step to subscribe our business.
  • It’s important to note that the more complete and precise the information on our commercial premises is, the better the final results will be. The street address is something not to be missed.
  • In this way, we will appear on the online searches on Google made from mobile devices (as shown in the picture) and also on Google+, where the users will be able to communicate with us on doubts, enquires, and suggestions, plus the possibility of sharing their experiences with other future users.

3) Optimize landing page for mobile devices.A key item for entrepreneurs is understanding that what we have on the web or what we will develop on the web is not necessarily 100% compatible with the smartphone world.

Taking the time and the disposition to separately design the user experience in the world of the desktop computer vs. mobile device is important, more important than we believe now, and even more significant in the future.

As entrepreneurs, we should focus on living day by day on the sales. We can’t afford the luxury of investing our scarce resources in publicity, without measuring it and without seeing results at the end of the day.

As a consequence, having an optimized landing page not only for desktop searches but also for smartphones is essential.  Based on optimized pages developed for normal computers, we have to take them as a starting point to develop optimized pages for mobiles and reduce, as much as possible, the message that transmits value to the final user for him to approve our service.

Even if we already have the measurement of which landing page converts better and the CTR (Click Through Rate) is known, we can start with a step forward testing to check if what we did is adequate or not and needs to be improved.

On a practical level, in our case, what gave us best results was thinking with the final user’s eye, as someone who is working with an extremely small mobile screen. We reduced the fields, changing a form of six fields into two small forms of three fields each, making it easier and simple in two different steps (one with the personal data and the other one with the car information, for example.)

To conclude, we eliminated all the graphics and we replaced them with videos that can be reproduced on YouTube. The explicative graphics that are very well seen on the computer, but not on the cell phone (you have to zoom in and move through the image) were replaced with a simple video that can be watched by just clicking it. This two-minute video explains what we do and what added value we offer. Through mobile marketing the CTR rose significantly and hence, our number of new clients.

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