How Hoteliers Can Take Advantage of ‘Foursquare for Business'

foursquare for business
Renee Radia
Renee Radia
January 30, 2013
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While it may be true that Foursquare is not doing as well as was initially projected, it is also true that at least some guests are still checking in to your hotel on the popular location-based social network. Yes, Foursquare does not have the user base of Facebook, but if your guests are there, you should be too. Enter Foursquare for Business, a new mobile app released for iOS and Android yesterday designed to supplement Foursquare and ease the business page management process for business owners on-the-go.

The first step in gaining access to Foursquare for Business is to claim your business, which hopefully was done long ago. After downloading the application from your app store, enter your log-in information, et voila! From here, business owners can perform the following tasks:

  • Check activity – This shows you any recent activity happening on your business page – recent visitor check-ins, tips, photos, likes, etc. The tab is simple, yet valuable for any quick up-to-the-minute activity.
  • Manage specials – From this tab, you can turn specials on or off, and manage various aspects. A big limitation and something that will most likely be added soon is the ability to create specials must still be done on a desktop computer.
  • View customer stats – The stats available are not incredibly detailed but they can tell you enough to get an idea of the demographic of your social media-savvy customers. Available to you currently on the Stats tab is a summary of your business’ page, such as how many total check-ins there are. There is also a list of your recent top customers, and how many times each has checked in.
  • Post updates – Perhaps one of the best features of Foursquare for Business, business owners can now easily share updates and photos with their customers on the business’ Foursquare page, while simultaneously sharing them on Twitter and Facebook.

How can hoteliers use Foursquare for Business? Beyond the ease in the way you manage your hotel’s online reputation, you can do a lot more to bring in guests to your property. Especially with Foursquare’s recent updates and the way it expertly recommends establishments to nearby users, there is lots of opportunity to draw in passersby by posting a photo of your restaurant’s latest specialty, or your fancy new lobby artwork. Update your page to broadcast that there’s a special event going on at your property. It’s simply a quick and easy way to get the word out about anything exciting your guests would like. Is there a special group meeting at your hotel? Turn on a special for a discount on drinks at your lounge. Did you forget Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re not on the property? With a few quick swipes and clicks you can turn on the spa day special.

Foursquare for Business may not be a groundbreaking development but it is still a valuable addition and without a doubt opens up more potential for interaction between brands and users. Get started updating your hotel’s Foursquare page today!

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