How Hoteliers can Reach the Millennials

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Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Ramirez
February 19, 2014
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Are you trying to build relationships with millennials – also known as Generation Y? Well, you’re not alone – most hoteliers are eager to connect with generation Y, the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce, as they seem to be the hardest to reach.

 Millennials have grown up in a world full of advertising from countless channels. Due to the overload, Gen-Y has learned to block, skip, and ignore advertising. The generation on the go is drawn to technology, convenience, and flexibility – they appreciate products, services, and organizations that understand their needs and fit into their lifestyle. Is your marketing strategy fitting into the lives of this young group of travelers?

We know – it’s not easy! If you’re like most hoteliers, you are eager to learn more about this young generation. First, begin by understanding what influences them.

A study by Voxburner, a digital agency which focuses on attitudes, habits, and behavior of young consumers, has conducted a study with an insight on Generation Y’s travel decisions.

tnooz picked out a few tech and digital elements that will help you reach Generation Y:

Biggest influence on destination choice:

  • Social media – less than 5%
  • Online reviews – 11%
  • Friend or family recommendation – 45%

What this means for hoteliers?Although the recommendation of a friend or family is the biggest influencer, social media and online reviews cannot be ignored! Now, how can you make sure your guest recommend their young friends and family members? It is important to deliver exceptional customer service (providing a stress-free check-in and a friendly environment), a unique amenity (something that they won’t forget), and a loyalty program or relationship building campaign ( email marketing, social media contests, or membership for loyal guests).

Starting point for travel research:

  • Hotel website – 1%
  • Airline website – 4%
  • Social media – 4%
  • Review website – 13%
  • Search engine – 58%

What this means for hoteliers?Again, hoteliers cannot ignore any of the possible starting points. However, hoteliers should invest more time and money in the popular starting points to reach Generation Y. According to the study, a majority of millennials begin researching on search engines. As most hoteliers know, search engine optimization is influenced by several factors- including a hotel’s websitecontent, social media, domain authority, and many more. An SEO campaign will take effort and understanding of the market and industry – but, the results will be worth your time and effort!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to utilize the results of this study and build long-lasting relationships with the millennials. Remember, you need to fit into their lifestyle by being available to them on various channels and devices. Don’t expect them to simply walk in and book a room – these travelers do their research and are eager to find companies that catch their attention. Generation Y is tired of the same old marketing message  – Give them something different.

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