Hotels Get More Analytical with Trip Advisor’s New Feature

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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
January 30, 2012
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Hotel owners are always looking to find better ways to drive more sales and a huge part of your online marketing is through web analytics. One of the largest online travel agencies has implemented a new dashboard that will excel in just that. This could be a valuable tool in addition to what is currently being used to monitor your online data. TripAdvisor is a huge source of traffic and a hospitality hub when it comes to travelers looking for reviews, prices and hotel information. The new analytics will allow hotel sales managers and owners to get good insight into how they can improve their campaigns and guest experiences.

There are quite a few free features and functions being introduced but among the more prominent ones is a list of a hotel’s competitors that are most viewed by the consumers they are targeting. You will be able to get your sites popularity ranking, summary of reviews and comments by ranking as well as your TripAdvisor ranking. There are also added features for business listing subscribers including trending graphs that will show page view trends over time, performance metrics such as a property’s business listings compared to other properties and top special offers by click through which are recommendations based on the offers that receive the most clicks.

The free service is available now and the business listings versions will be available within the next few weeks. The great part is that if you registered on TripAdvisor as a business representative of the hotel you will be able to use the free service. The TripAdvisor management dashboard looks like it can be a valuable tool for hotels considering the volume of traffic that TripAdvisor gets and the wealth of information it can generate. Using analytics can make a huge difference in taking your hotel where you want it to be.

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