Hotels Excelling at Timeline (NYC Edition)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
May 23, 2012
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A few weeks ago, I wrote about hotels in Los Angeles that were incorporating Facebook’s new Timeline features into their social media strategies. I shared a few examples and my hope was that it would give you as hoteliers some fun ideas of how to make the most of Facebook’s recent updates. It’s time for the latest edition, and this time I’m going to focus on New York City hotels.

Original photographyThe Mark Hotel in NYC takes advantage of Facebook’s new emphasis on photos by posting not only professional photos but also photos that appear to be snapped with a simple camera phone. This reminds fans that there is actually someone behind the page and it can bring a more personal touch to the hotel. It also can entice customers and fans to post their own original Instagram-type photos of the property, thus creating more user-generated content which is always a huge plus!

Highlight featureThe Chatwal also uses beautiful photography to showcase its property. It shows its renovations in a visually stimulating way and uses a fun “Then & Now” theme to encourage fan interaction. Another new great feature that the hotel utilizes is Facebook’s new “Highlight” feature. This feature allows for the specific post to be front and center for up to seven days. It enlarges the post and stretches it across the page, as opposed to fitting it within the two columns. The Highlight feature is great to use for any fun contest, special, or great photography that you’d like your fans to see first.

Share fans’ contentFacebook has clearly set the standard for a hotel’s ability to interact with its guests and the Carlton Hotel really takes advantage of this. The hotel shares this guest’s photo and even singles him out with a nice shout out. This approach is great because it really lets your fans know that you are listening and that you appreciate them.

Promote local attractionsA great way to attract more fans is by having a unique cover photo and Hotel 373’s cover photo is an excellent representation of New York City. The page reminds its fans what NYC is all about and also shows its support for the arts and the city at the same time! Remember, with social media it’s not all about self-promotion, so promoting local attractions that might bring guests into your hotel is a good tactic.

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