Hotels Excelling at Timeline (Las Vegas Edition)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
October 23, 2012
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The focus is on Las Vegas in the next part of this blog series. With many hotels behind the curve on adapting social media into their marketing strategies, there are many properties doing a formidable job. Las Vegas is one city with a lot of potential for good practices on Facebook’s Timeline. With these properties leading by example, hopefully it can inspire other properties to take the plunge and try out some fun social media marketing tactics.

Provide valueRemember to offer your fans something special every once in a while! This is great for retaining customers and even bringing in new ones. People enjoy being rewarded and by offering unique specials every now and then your fans are kept on their toes. It can also keep people checking back to your Facebook page frequently to see what is going on at your property. If there’s a chunk of time coming up when bookings are low, why not take advantage then and offer a “social media special” of sorts?

Show your supportShow your support for a greater cause. This will not only create awareness for the cause, but will reflect positively on your brand! Who knows what kind of community support you may get because you helped spread the word about an important happening? In this specific example, not only is the hotel encouraging its fans to donate to a worthy cause but it has gone a step further by offering “pink pastries.” Of course, the written response from the hotel shows that it’s actively monitoring its Facebook page as well as engaging its guests.

Showcase your guestsMake your guests feel special by reveling with them in their successes! Similar to a “fan of the month” promotion, singling out big winners or achievers can be a fun way to gain a superfan or brand ambassador. Remember, it’s good etiquette to make sure your guest or fan doesn’t mind being spotlighted first. Showcasing a guest reflects positively on your customer service, and it gives your page a more personal feeling. It can even make other fans more secure about interacting with you publicly on your timeline.

Reach unique demographicCatering to specific interests can have a huge impact. While many properties are pet-friendly, Rumors Las Vegas goes even further by hosting a special event for dog-owners. This will undoubtedly bring in not only these dog owners, but their friends and family as well. Connecting with a specific passionate niche can be a great way to stand out and gain word of mouth business.

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