Hotels Excelling at Timeline (LA Edition)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
March 28, 2012
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March 30 is when all Facebook Business Pages will change to the new Timeline format and that date is fast approaching! Exploring the new features on Timeline has been really fun and despite deactivating my personal Facebook account in part because I did not want to switch to Timeline myself, I do see a lot of value in business pages utilizing the new Timeline profile. Timeline is very photo-centric, so hotels and travel brands are lucky since they tend to showcase their properties and products with beautiful photography anyway. Timeline also allows for fans to finally message a brand or business individually instead of simply commenting on the wall, so now interaction can be a bit more personal if necessary. Applications and custom tabs are also displayed more prominently and can be a great place to exhibit a special or event at your property. There are many other ways that Facebook’s Timeline will enhance Business Pages, but for now, I will show a few examples of hotels in Los Angeles that have switched over to Timeline and are doing a great job of using the new features effectively.

Breathtaking Cover PhotoThe new cover photo is the most obvious difference with the new format, and Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes does a brilliant job of enticing guests by showing its beautiful grounds along the coast while also utilizing inset images to exhibit activities at the hotel. The tranquil photos set against the bright blue ocean are enough to make anyone Like the page and book a relaxing vacation at this resort.

Inviting TabsThe tabs and custom applications are now prominently displayed under the Like button and have their own images as well. The London West Hollywood uses a sexy nighttime rooftop bar photo with the text “Wednesdays at Sunset” to invite guests and even non-hotel guests to their parties on Wednesdays. Posting events or other specials on these tabs is a great way to garner attention and display even more photos of your property.

Alluring Image UpdatesAs I mentioned above, photos have now become more prominent as well. This is a great time to be creative with your status updates and posted images because of their new displays. I like how the JW Marriott downtown LA posts a colorful and eye-catching photo of the macaroon selection at a nearby establishment. It’s also cool to see the hotel being neighborly and shouting out to the restaurant, potentially driving its guests to check it out for dinner.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is encouraging great engagement here by posting a vintage photo as well as some trivia about it.

Increased InteractionLastly, the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica is already using the new Messaging feature so guests don’t always have to post personal details directly onto a page. Fans can message brands; however, brands cannot initiate the message. The Messaging feature opens doors to new possible interactions since some people may not be comfortable posting their thoughts, questions, or concerns to a public wall.

How have you been incorporating Timeline’s new features into your Facebook Page? Feel free to let us know in the comments, and check back in a few weeks when I will be focusing on examples in another city!

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