Hotels Excelling at Timeline (Chicago Edition)

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
August 1, 2012
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After recognizing hotels in both LA and NYC for their best uses of Facebook’s Timeline features, it’s time to see how hotels in the Windy City are faring. Despite more hotels embracing social media, there are always those few that stand out and shine above their competition. After the J.D. Power and Associates report was released last week announcing that hotel customers are as unsatisfied as ever, hotels should be willing to try anything and everything to keep their customers happy. Using social media is a great place to start. The following are examples of Chicago hotels taking advantage of Facebook’s Timeline.

Cross-promoteFacebook has made the Apps on brand pages more prominent and the Sofitel Chicago Water Tower successfully showcases its 4 front-and-center apps. What I like the most about its use of the apps is that it promotes the hotel’s Tumblr account. It’s great that the property even has an account on the popular blogging network, but the cross-promoting between social networks is a good move and one that will likely bring in even larger audiences to both sites.

Show you are savvyThe Dana Hotel and Spa posts a photo of its chic property and invites its guests to join the hotel on Instagram. The hotel’s fans will know the hotel is savvy and on top of current social trends. This, too, is another good use of cross-promoting, and as long as you don’t infiltrate your feed too much with posts from other social networks, your fans or followers will be happy to connect with you on the various other networks as well.

Use attractive imageryMentioning local events is a fun way to promote your community and pairing it with enticing photos can help you stand out even more. The Blackstone Hotel takes full advantage of Timeline’s emphasis on imagery. Not only is the image cute as hell, but it’s catchy and bound to entice fans to give your hotel a second look. Don’t forget that your most recently posted picture also becomes your “Photos” tab main image!

Showcase your staffYour staff makes up a large part of the customers’ experiences at your hotel, so why not personalize your Facebook page a bit by your staff directly? The ideas are endless! Post a cooking secret from your chef, or tips on local favorites from your concierge. Hotel Felix publishes an image of its friendly-looking General Manager while he waters the hotel’s new plants and flowers. This really puts a face behind your hotel, and it creates a welcoming atmosphere for your guests long before they walk through your lobby doors!

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