Hold on to Your Hats - Facebook Has Officially Launched an Explore Feed!

Facebook has officially launched an Explore Feed
Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
November 13, 2017

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In the quest to continue to provide a fresh and exciting way for Facebook users to interact with the platform, Facebook has recently launched an Explore Feed to both its mobile app and desktop site. This feed will give users access to fresh, up-to-date content in a new way that hasn’t been seen on the channel before. What’s unique about this feed is that it will show content from Facebook Pages that the user currently does not follow. So it is literally helping people “explore” new pages based on their interests and other factors.

To take a look at the Explore Feed on Facebook, open up the app on your mobile device. Under the "Explore" section, click Explore Feed. Since the Explore Feed is a newer feature, it has reportedly been found in two areas on the desktop site. First, go to the home page and take a look at the menu items on the left-hand side. Take a look at the options below News Feed. If you see the Explore Feed with the little red rocket symbol, just click and start exploring. If the Explore Feed is not located there, scroll down to the "Explore" section and it should be located in this section.

Facebook explore feed
Explore Feed on Facebook Mobile App
Explore Feed on Facebook Desktop Site
Explore Feed on Facebook Desktop Site

Once you click on the Explore Feed, you will be able to view posts from a variety of Business Page posts throughout the site. These can range from news, entertainment, travel, local businesses, and more! Here's what it looks like:

viewing posts on explore feed

You will see posts from pages that are popular with your friends and from pages that are similar to pages you currently like or have expressed interest in.

An explore feed isn’t something new. While active social media users are already familiar with explore feeds on both Instagram and Snapchat, the explore feed on Facebook is slightly different than the ones found on these channels, as users are seeing full posts with text that give you more information. This means that businesses won't need to rely solely on stellar photography to get users to stop scrolling and notice their posts - they can also use catchy posts and titles.

How Will Facebook’s Explore Feed Affect Business Pages?

This is currently the big question that everyone is talking about. It’s no surprise organic Facebook reach for business page posts have been steadily decreasing throughout the years. Businesses have been waiting anxiously to see when organic reach will eventually be so low, that they will have no choice but to pay for users to see their posts. The way it is set as of now, the Explore Page allows users to see posts from Pages they don't follow, and potentially increase their post reach. Seem like good news right? Not necessarily...

It is believed that the next step for the Explore Feed will be moving all Business Pages posts over to this section. On the current Facebook Newsfeed, users are able to see a mix of posts from friends, people they follow, Pages posts, and of course sponsored ads. If all Pages posts are moved over to the Explore Feed, this means that they will no longer receive this valuable organic Newsfeed reach. If that sounds bad enough, it is then thought that the step after that will only show sponsored content in the Explore Feed. If it reaches this point, it could mean that organic Facebook reach could become extinct.

Facebook's EdgeRank (much like Google's algorithm) is still a mystery, and most of what is known is still just speculation. Today, it is thought that only about 1-2% of your followers are shown your posts organically. This could be higher (and potentially lower) depending on how much engagement your posts receive. The way to make this number higher is by sharing quality content that users engage with and share, which will not only increase the reach of your current post, but will make Facebook more like to share future content with more users. If organic reach is completely taken off the table, it means that the only way users would organically see your posts is if they were to physically visit your page or if a friend engaged with a post and it shows up on your Timeline.

The only way to combat this decreased reach for sure is by running ads to promote your posts.

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