Gain More Social Media Engagement Through Photos

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Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
April 21, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps this is why photos are the most widely shared posts on social media. According to a recent article on eMarketer, photos account for 54% of posts on Facebook worldwide as well as 87% of shared posts. The reason photos are so widely posted is because businesses have figured out that posts that include images receive more engagement as opposed to posts with links or all text status updates.

Hotels can capitalize on this fact and gain more engagement on their social media pages by using great photos.

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Have you ever analyzed your hotel’s Facebook or Google+ posts? Through Facebook and Google+ Insights, you are able to see how popular each particular post was based on a number of different variables. Though the wording varies by site, one aspect that remains the same is the number of clicks a post received. You will probably notice that posts with photos receive the most engagement, followed by links, and lastly status updates that only contain text. Of course, quality content also plays a role so be sure to post about subjects that will provide value for your guests such as local area events, travel tips, and news about your hotel. Even if you will simply be sharing an update about your hotel, include a picture!


With many of the recent updates on Twitter lately, it is apparent that the site is encouraging users to become more photo centric. Twitter recently released an update that allows users to upload up to four photos in a single tweet from an iPhone. This is great for hotels, who are now able to showcase numerous photos of their property or of the local area and events all at once. Twitter is also rolling out a new profile that includes a much larger profile and cover photo. In addition, all photos that have been tweeted will be able to automatically be viewed on a user’s profile without having to click the “expand” or “view photo” button. So when tweeting a photo, it is even more important to use great pictures since many will be able to be seen on your profile at once. According to a recent study, tweets with photos are also more likely to be retweeted compared to tweets without a photo. Take advantage of this and add a photo to your tweets whenever it makes sense.


When it comes to Pinterest, it’s all about pinning and repinning. Though Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic your site because pictures lead back to an actual link, you cannot disregard the main photo that will appear on Pinterest. Pinterest is filled with tons of pictures and if you post a photo of your hotel that will lead back to your website, you want to be sure you have a great image that will capture attention. This also holds true for any other type of photo you may be pinning on Pinterest, whether it is of a blog from your website, food from your hotel’s restaurant, or an event that took place at your property. Great images coupled with information that brings value is key to having people repin your content on Pinterest.

Having users share your hotel’s social media content is something that will take experimentation as well as trial and error. Know your audience and be sure to post about content that is interesting and relevant to them. And remember… include a photo!

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