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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
December 19, 2012
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Hotel Arazzo was a lovely old hotel,With quaint little rooms and a stellar staff,Though it still had rooms to sell.

Hotel Arazzo is the perfect tale, they say,Of using the web to get heads in beds,In a most efficient way.It redesigned its website,Made a mobile website too.Throw in a site for tablets andOh, how the traffic grew!Then, Hotel Arazzo,Launched a travel blog,And the more it wrote,Search engines took note,Now Page 1 it does hog!Google, Bing, Yahoo,Google, Bing, Yahoo,Visibility has increased.Google, Bing, Yahoo,Google, Bing, Yahoo,Bookings haven’t ceased!

Hotel Arazzo knewIt needed another hook,For there’s more to explore,More revenue in store,From Twitter or Facebook.So many networks,

Where else should the hotel be?On Pinterest and Instagram,Google+ is gaining fans,YouTube lets guests see!The hotel thrived and flourishedAs its social networks grew,People joined in online,Old guests and many new!For Hotel Arazzo,Made the most of the online space,And as the guests piled in,It declared this a win,As it still is in the race!Tweet, Post, Pin, Share,Tweet, Post, Pin, Share,New site and SEO…Tweet, Post, Pin, Share,Tweet, Post, Pin, Share,Social media – here we go!

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