Encourage Google+ Reviews for your Hotel (Part 2)

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Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
July 22, 2014

Now that you understand the importance of having a decent number of reviews on Google+ after reading Part 1 of this article, it is time to start encouraging guests to review your hotel. First, make sure your hotel’s Google+ page is ready.

Verify your listingIf you haven’t already, claim your property on Google+ Local. Your Google+ page will show up on both Google search results and Google Maps once it is claimed. After you have verified your listing you will be able to edit business information, add a detailed description, upload high quality profile and cover photos, post updates, and respond to reviews.

Active presenceIt is important to have an active social presence on Google+. When potential guests visit your Google+ page to read reviews, they will also be exposed to your posts and photos. Posting regularly will help your efforts of gaining a spot on the Google Carousel and will also provide value to guests.

Once your page is claimed and you have an active presence on Google+, it’s time to start encouraging guests to leave reviews.

1. Provide excellent serviceGive guests a reason to leave a great review about your hotel. Training the front desk and any customer facing staff member to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire guest experience is a must. In the end, guests may be more inclined to leave a review for your hotel.

2. At checkoutAfter your staff has provided great service to the guest and it is time for them to checkout, you can have your front desk staff ask each departing guest to leave an online review. First, thank them for their stay and let them know they are a valued guest. Before they leave, have the front desk agent ask them to share their experience by reviewing the hotel on Google+.

3. EmailMany hotels have the front desk collect the email addresses of guests at check in. Send a personalized email a few days after a guest’s visit thanking them for staying at your property and kindly ask them to review your hotel on Google+. Be sure to provide a link to the hotel’s Google+ page so the guest does not have to search for it on their own.

4. Personal CardsIf your hotel does not collect email addresses or prefers more of a personal touch, consider handing out personal cards at checkout. The cards do not need to be large – business card size is suitable. The cards should thank guests for staying at the hotel and ask that they review the hotel on Google+, along with the link to the page. For a more personalized touch, hand write the guests name on the card and a small note.

Many hoteliers already have a strategy in place regarding asking for TripAdvisor reviews. Incorporate Google+ alongside these strategies to increase the number of reviews. Do you have any other tips for gaining more reviews on Google+?

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