Discover the Preferences of Modern Travelers across Multiple Channels

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Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Ramirez
September 12, 0003

Today, it takes a multichannel marketing strategy to reach and retain consumers. As travelers gain more buying power and their demand for hotels to meet their needs increases, it is crucial that hotel marketers understand their preferences across various channels. It is not easy understanding consumer behavior or preferences across multiple channels.

To discover the expectations of modern travelers, SDL Campaign Management & Analytics surveyed 4,000 consumers who confirmed that travelers’ preferences differ depending on channel.

globe with all social media apps

With 84 percent of respondents stating that a positive online or web experience is important or very important when booking travel, the connection between the online experience and the likelihood to share a positive experience becomes critical.”Source: eMarketer


Nearly 80% of respondents made travel arrangements online. In fact, only 5% of US consumers book in person!

Mobile Apps:

More than 60% of respondents use mobile apps while traveling.


Although travelers still find email important, they prefer it for travel reminders. Only 9% of respondents said they would not like any travel reminders.

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