Digital Marketing: Traditional or Modern?

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Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
June 10, 2013
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The following blog post is written by our friend, Jessica, who writes about marketing in both a traditional and a modern sense.

There can hardly be a debate on this, as a fair mixture of both traditional and modern is what can make a success out of any effort in digital marketing. While traditional methods still find favor as effective means of motivating consumers’ behaviors, digital marketing is picking up steam as it is equally important to have your brand stand out. It is true that the most result-oriented and effective strategies for marketing are the ones that are adopted by professionals who are smart enough to combine both traditional and digital elements into a joint force that can sense the behavior of the customers. Hence, the need is to avoid overlooking one at the other’s cost.

Instead of thinking on the lines of this or that, in terms of traditional or modern, the focus needs to be on both the channels complementing each other and working together in tandem, allowing the marketers to reap the maximum benefits from both. Traditional marketing has advantage of providing an effective way of reaching out to a broader audience who are still attuned to traditional means of business. With digital marketing, it is a whole new crowd that is being catered to. Here a relationship can be built over a very shorter period of time. Marketers need to focus on the traditional marketing channels, and find ways and means of driving the very same customers towards an all new digital experience, that they can learn to appreciate.

With a traditional marketing situation, the nature of the message delivered is quite passive, whereas with a digital marketing approach, the same is converted to active participation by the customers. With a banner or TV ad, the customer is quite passively watching or viewing the ad, however with a digital marketing campaign, customers get to actively participate for longer durations, leading to instant conversions that can be realized immediately.

The number of conversions through a TV ad cannot be gauged that easily, where even the viewing of the entire clip cannot be guaranteed. However, when a similar ad appears through the digital marketing means, with the active involvement of social media networks, the results are better. For instance, a digital ad may invite customers to go over to the Facebook page (by an effortless click) and participate in a poll with a chance to win a giveaway of a popular brand.

In such circumstances, once the customer is engaged online, marketers are quick to capitalize and furnish additional details about the product, and invite them to leave behind their email addresses. The continuation of the campaign through newsletters and future promotions ensures that the interest and attention of the customer is not diverted. In traditional means, sponsorship by leading brands that make their presence felt in public events is still in vogue. In digital marketing, reaching the customer at a more personal level, like through mobile advertising, gives chances for better interaction with customers.  All they would need to do is to reply to an SMS or communicate through email to take advantage of a particular promotion or receive a digital coupon, which leads to a definite purchase.

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