Current Events Boost Facebook Engagement

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
February 8, 2012

Looking to increase fan engagement on your Facebook page? Who isn’t? A recent study by Buddy Media shows how incorporating current events into your posts can drive fan engagement to new levels. The study focused on 1,400 brands and used last weekend’s big game as a case study. It looked at brands’ Facebook engagement rates, which include interactions through Likes, comments, and shares. The result was that in the six weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and on Super Bowl Sunday itself, brands that posted content using the keywords “Super Bowl” saw a 60% increase in engagement!

EdgeRank, Facebook’s news feed algorithm, takes many characteristics into consideration when it decides where content shows up in users’ news feeds. If a post has a high level of engagement or the user that shared the post has a close relationship with another user, the post is displayed more prominently on someone’s news feed. This is another factor accounting for the high engagement rate – because these posts were getting many Likes, comments, and shares, they were getting placed higher in users’ news feeds, which only encouraged more Likes, comments, and shares. There is something to be said about using the keywords “Super Bowl” though, since this event is inherently one of the biggest events in the US all year– such a giant increase in engagement might not be realistic for every post about a current event.

A great way to find current, up-to-date news that you can post about is to see what is trending on Twitter. Twitter constantly refreshes its left-hand “Trends” tab with real-time topics that are garnering the most buzz at that moment. An important caveat to remember when considering posting about a current event is that you don’t want to force your brand into irrelevant conversations. It might reflect poorly if you seem to be posting just for the sake of getting more engagement. Try to find a unique way of joining the conversation by making the post relevant to your brand and its message. Be weary too that you might get lumped in with other people or brands who have posted about a similar event, as Facebook frequently aggregates posts about the same topic and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.

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