Converting Pinterest Account to Business Account

creating a pinterest business account 2019
Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
September 16, 2019
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Social media is used so prominently by businesses that pretty much all of the channels have created a specific type of business account. Converting your Pinterest profile to a business account used to be relatively simple in the past. You would simply head over to your settings, edit your profile, and select the option stating that this was a business account.

Converting your Pinterest account to a business account in 2019 is a little different, but still relatively simple. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all of the perks of a business account.

First, if you haven’t already, create your Pinterest account. Don’t worry about creating boards or having everything filled out (though you will want to complete this as quickly as possible).

Next, visit:

Make sure you are signed into the account that you want to convert to a business account. Follow the prompts that follow and fill out the information. Make sure to fill out these forms as completely and accurately as possible.

converting to a business account on pinterest

On the second step, Pinterest will ask you to link your website. You will need access to the backend of your website to complete this step. You can always revisit this step later if you don't currently have access or don't have time. You will want to complete it eventually, however, as you will be able to view some great insights in analytics when your site is connected.

adding your website link on pinterest business profile

You are also able to link your Pinterest account to other social accounts. Just like the previous step, you can skip it and come back to it later.

connecting other social accounts on Pinterest business profile

Next, Pinterest wants to know if you will be interested in advertising on its platform in the future. If you select 'Yes', you will likely receive emails letting you know more about how advertising on Pinterest can help your business.

running ads on Pinterest prompt when converting to business profile

Additionally, if you select yes another prompt will show up asking for your contact information so that a representative from Pinterest can reach out to you.

prompt to keep in touch on Pinterest business profile

Once you've filled out all pertinent information, Pinterest will prompt you to get started on creating pins.You can either read through their advice or skip over this information.

starting to create pins once you have converted to Pinterest business profile

tips to create great pins on Pinterest

Once you've worked your way through all of the steps, you'll notice that you now have a 'Business Hub' button at the top right of your account. You can click this button to access features that are reserved for business accounts.

Pinterest business hub profile

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