Choosing a Twitter Cover Photo for your Hotel

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Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
August 12, 2014

Twitter has updated the look and feel of user profiles. In order to cater to users’ love of images, cover and profile photos are now larger and more prominent than they were previously. This means that generally, sizes of both photos must be adjusted to fit the new dimensions. In addition, background images are no longer visible to your followers, though you can still catch a glimpse of what you had previously uploaded on the Home, Notifications, and # Discover pages. The larger images are great for hotels, who are able to showcase high quality photos of their property.

Twitter has image specifications on how large both the profile and cover photo should be:

Profile Photo: 400×400 Cover Photo: 1500×500

Though Twitter recommends that the dimensions of the cover photo are 1500×500, this does not mean that the image will scale perfectly once uploaded. Below is an approximate example of the areas that will be shown once the cover photo is properly sized and uploaded:

Twitter Cover Photo 1 - New Page

As you can see, all the areas that appear in black will not be shown on a desktop computer. Keep this in mind when choosing the cover image for your hotel. For example, if you are uploading a photo of a room, make sure key areas will not be covered by the invisible sections.

Here is an example of the areas that will not be shown on a mobile device. The blue areas show which areas will not appear when the device is in portrait mode:

Twitter Cover Photo - New Page

With this information in mind, you can optimize your hotel’s cover photo for both desktop and mobile devices. Here are some extra tips for choosing a cover photo for your hotel:

*Only use high quality images and photos

*Adjust cover photo keeping invisible areas in mind. Don’t forget mobile!

*Give guests an accurate perception of your property

*Make sure profile and cover photos do not clash. An easy tip is using a logo as a profile photo and a high quality image as a cover photo

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