Changes With Facebook's Mobile Ads

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Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
July 22, 2019

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Facebook is continually working to improve the user experience in a variety of different ways. One area they pay special attention to is the advertisements that are shown on the newsfeed. The newsfeed is the main section of Facebook, where people digest posts from users they follow and brands they are interested in.

Facebook aims to keep a delicate balance between newsfeed posts and advertisements to give the user a seamless experience. Too many ads can upset the user deter them from wanting to use the social media platform in the future. Showing ads that are relevant to their interests and purchase habits can be useful and even provide value in some cases.

The shift from desktop to mobile is growing by the minute, so it comes as no surprise that Facebook is currently seeking to improve the mobile ad experience with an update. This August, Facebook will be changing text and aspect ratios for mobile ads. Advertisers should be aware of these changes. They should consider them for their current advertisements, as it could potentially affect results.

Here is a breakdown of what will be changing:

  1. Currently, advertisers have six lines of text that they can use to get their message across and encourage users to engage with their ad. It isn’t always recommended to use the full six lines (depending on your ad, industry, and other factors). The fact of the matter remains that the option was there.

         Now, advertisers will only be able to have the first three lines of text visible on the mobile feed.

How this affects advertisers: You’ll need to grab the attention of customers with just three lines of text.

   2. Everyone knows that gorgeous photos and engaging videos are one of the keys to getting users to stop in their tracks when scrolling on their mobile phones. Right now,          ads have more of an advantage over organic posts because their media ratios are a bit higher, making them stand out against other posts. Facebook is looking to "match          the look and feel of the new Facebook design introduced earlier this year."

        Media height will be reduced to 4:5 on mobile Facebook ads for both videos and images without links. If you exceed this ratio, your ad will be masked on mobile.

How this affects advertisers: Larger images and videos tend to capture the attention of your audience, and this is going to change with this new update. You’ll need to ensure that your videos are reduced to meet the new standards. You’ll also need to analyze how the smaller ratios affect ad performance.

Here is a visual view of these changes:

different aspect ratio for Facebook posts

The new mobile Facebook ad format rolled out on August 19, 2019.


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