Can a Small Startup Make Water Damage to Smartphones a Thing of the Past?

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David Sotelo
David Sotelo
February 20, 2012
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One of the biggest problems for cell phone users since we started using them was getting them wet and having to go out and get a replacement. Whether it was spilling a drink on them or even accidentally having them fall into the toilet we probably all have at some point experienced our phones getting wet. A solution to this problem would seem to be a savior to the millions of mobile users however the insurance companies probably are not too fond of it. A small company in Santa Ana, Ca is looking to be that savior. The company is called  and they have developed a product where they are able to waterproof your phone both inside and out.



The process takes the device into a chamber and they put a specialized nano coating in the form of a vapor on it. The vapors form a bond on a molecular level to protect the phone. The vapors are so small that they cannot be seen or detected which is ideal for a Smartphone. The cost is $59 and you have to send your phone to the company to be treated and they will ship your new waterproof phone back to you. Kind of makes you wonder what there actually putting on your phone since they do not recommend getting your phone wet to test it out. Liquipel does state that if your phone gets wet that your phone will be fully functional including ear jack and usb port.



The idea is great and they seem to have a process down but I guess only time will tell if this works as well as advertised. There are several videos that demo the process from placing the phone in a glass container and submerging the phone completely in water. One of the demos shows an android device being submerged in water without the battery case and came out working just like before. It was pretty amazing stuff and will be interesting to see if actual user feedback is as positive as the product demonstrations.

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