A Look Back: 4 Takeaways from Our Most-Viewed Blogs

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
July 25, 2012
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Time and again, we have shared with you our very own expert tips and tricks on the best web strategies and practices. We have written information for hotels (both independent and branded), small businesses, and marketers in general, among others. While recently analyzing our most-viewed blog posts of all time, I noticed some trends and similarities between these top posts. I believe other small businesses can benefit from these observations and can apply some of these strategies to their own blogs in order to achieve ultimate success in the blogosphere.

1) Provide fresh ideas for new technologies.Some of our most popular blog posts have been as simple as discussions of the vast potential of new technologies and platforms. We frequently list specific ideas and uses for these new media in hopes that they start the brainstorming process for the readers themselves in return. Oftentimes, we focus on a specific niche industry and doing so can help to solidify you as an expert in that field. These blog posts are informative, yet simple to understand, and are typically timely with the release of the new technology.

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2) Creativity is key.One of our past bloggers wrote an acrostic poem about the hospitality industry, and it has since become one of our most-viewed posts. Her post is informative, yet it provides information in a creative, unique, and fun way. We sometimes write themed blog posts around holidays, so we have room to be a little more fun and can tie in the article with the holiday. Sometimes, it can just be plain ol’ exhausting to read paragraph after paragraph!

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3) Don’t underestimate the power of a good image.Another of our top blog posts is actually because of a powerful image one of our bloggers designed. She created the “Periodic Table of the Elements of Social Media” and this image alone has driven a lot of traffic to our blog. The photo has even made its way onto Pinterest! Designing original images for your blog posts can be time-consuming, but can be very rewarding in the end.

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4) Take a break from the usual keywords.Our second most-read blog post is actually somewhat of a fluke. Our office loves viral videos and funny content, and we often share our findings with each other. For a fun Labor Day blog post, we shared our favorite viral content with our blog readers. Now, every single day, we get traffic to our blog because of Google searches for “nude family photo” (see below link). We see hundreds of variations on those keywords, some of my personal favorites being “nude family restaurant” and “nude bears.” The intent of this blog post was to be light-hearted, not to drive our SEO when it comes to the keywords “nude families,” but it is fun to see our traffic from this post nonetheless. You never know what keywords might bring in some extra traffic!

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