5 Ways To Improve Customer Interaction On Your Website

service bell front desk at a hotel
Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
November 5, 2013

he following guest post was written by our friend, Tricia Borren, who provides suggestions for how hotels can improve customer interactions directly on their websites.

Every business wants visitors to interact with its website and become paying customers. Converting visitors into customers is not always easy. Poor website interactions because of bad design or business decisions will not lead to conversions. Fortunately, there are ways to create a better experience. Here are a few tips to improve customer interaction on a website.

service bell front desk at a hotel

Use Clear Calls to ActionWebsites that contain a confusing array of widgets, videos and densely packed links can become confusing to visitors. One way to improve customer interaction is to focus all pages with a clear call to action in a predictable area. A call to action signals to the visitor what step to take next. This will create a more positive interaction on the website.

Present Complex Information SimplyIt is sometimes necessary to present complex information to website visitors in order to describe products, services or solutions. Presenting this information in a disorganized or unattractive way can drive potential customers away. A solution is to compress complex data into easily understandable infographics that combine pictures and words. Companies like Infographic World can even create interactive infographics that customers can use to see everything in a simpler, easier-to-understand format. Pricing options for hotel rooms, extended stays, discounts at local restaurants and other things like that are great items to put into an interactive infographic.

Use Only Trained Representatives

Websites that use live chats should be using only trained representatives to interact with customers. Representatives should understand the business, the brand and the products or services on the website. Customers can become very frustrated when confronted with a representative with no real answers. Using trained representatives will improve live website interactions and the overall customer experience.

Provide Multiple Contact Options

Visitors to a website will not interact directly with the business unless contact options are clearly available. Websites should include multiple contact options from email forms to social media links. The contact options should appear on sell pages, landing pages and any other relevant areas. This will improve and encourage customer interaction by providing more options.

Always Respond To Communications

Businesses should always respond to any communications from customers visiting the website. Customers will come away with a negative impression if it seems like all interactions simply vanish into the website. It is a good idea to respond to everything from complaints to site suggestions and praise. Customer interactions through the website will become more meaningful when there is dialogue. Along this same line, make sure you’re responding to any outreach on a customer’s part on any of your social media accounts! If you’re not currently on social media, or your presence there is lacking, I highly suggest getting into that field. The benefits of social media interaction will help your business tremendously.

Improving customer interaction on a website will make the experience more engaging. Engagement means the interest of the customer is sustained by relevant and helpful content or interactions. It is always important to focus on engagement when looking for ways to improve customer interaction online.

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