5 Components of Every Successful Facebook Promotion

facebook screen with friend request
Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
January 17, 2014

The following blog post was written by our friend, Karleia, who writes about Facebook promotions.

Marketing a brand, business or a specific website online today requires the ability to captivate the audience or demographic you are trying to reach. When you want to get involved with social media and how it can benefit your own business or online presence, 

facebook screen with friend request

knowing a few necessary components of Facebook promotions and marketing campaigns can help to stay ahead of competition. The more you know about running successful Facebook promotions and marketing campaigns, the easier it becomes to reach your audience and to truly have an impact on your followers and loyal customers.

Create a Professional Image

Creating a professional image with your Facebook account that represents your business or brand is essential.  Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company does an excellent job of incorporating a professional image in to their Facebook page. The layout is clean, attractive and most of all professional. Having a professional image helps to broaden your appeal to an audience who is not yet familiar with your brand, business or the website you want to promote. Use a professionally-designed logo that coordinates well with the actual layout and design of your official website.

Post Relevant Updates

Always post relevant updates that are unique, interesting and that are relevant to those who are following your brand’s official Facebook page online. The One&Only hotel located in Los Cabos, Mexico does a fantastic job of updating their Facebook page with attractive images of their property. They also update their status with promotions and other relevant content that engages visitors. The more relevant and engaging your updates and content are, the easier it is to get followers interested in visiting your website or even making a purchase from you depending on what you sell and provide.

Connect With Your Followers

Connect with your followers by answering questions or having conversations with your followers when they reply to your updates or posts.

Working With Professionals

If you want more insight into your promotions that you push on Facebook, consider working with professionals who specialize in marketing with social media today. When you are managing a dentist office and you are seeking professional input, consider visiting dentalmarketing.net for more insight into the various marketing methods and techniques available today. You can also visit marketing.org for more tips and info on how to work with professionals and launch successful social media campaigns and promotions.

Avoid Spam

Avoid spamming your followers by only posting once or twice each day, giving time in between each update.

The more components you integrate into your next Facebook campaign or promotion, the more likely you are to have a positive impact on those you are reaching. Understanding how to properly manage your brand’s Facebook account and promotions is a way to stay ahead of the competition while also ensuring you are able to keep the line of communication open with your followers at all times.

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