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Evergreen Content
December 28, 2017
benefits of user generated content

There are various benefits of user-generated content, including time-saving, but today we’ll delve deeper into evergreen content

Monitoring Social Media Comments
December 22, 2017
social media strategy for hotels

As part of any social media strategy for hotels, there should be time set aside to review your performance. See how to keep an eye on your comments.

Why isn't my SEO working?
December 12, 2017
seo desk area

Why isn't my SEO working? This is a question that I get all the time. I usually have my answer to this question once I follow this simple process.

Facebook Polls: Encourage Travel
December 11, 2017
Facebook Polls: Encouraging Travel

Since these polls are often lighthearted and playful, they may gain more momentum than traditional posts. Read more about Facebook Polls here.

3 Tactics To Improve SEO
November 28, 2017
magnifying glass

SEO, is a digital marketing discipline that improves the position of your site in search. There is something so vaguely simple about that, but it holds true.

New Twitter Character Count
November 15, 2017
hotel social media strategy

Twitter announced that they would be expanding their character count from 140 characters to a whooping double character count of 280.

Three Content Marketing Ideas
November 13, 2017
old school typewriter

Content marketing is here to stay. The reason is, that when it is done correctly, you can have a piece of content that keeps on giving.

Be a Resource for Travelers
November 8, 2017
hotel social media strategy

Joining the “travel” bandwagon builds a momentum that helps gain more business from travelers interested in visiting your location.

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