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Crafting a Killer Tweet
December 13, 2012
someone tweeting

The following are a few key ingredients to crafting successful tweets, so that no matter if you tweet multiple times a day or simply once or twice a week

Is Your Social Media Too Intrusive?
December 5, 2012
social media icons

A recent eMarketer article showed some very revealing data about social media marketing that should impact the way marketers are using social networks.

Tips To Use In The Retail Industry
December 3, 2012
woman using Instagram

The following are 7 actionable tips that you can use to step up your Instagram game. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas on what to post.

Writing From Experience Matters
November 9, 2012
person typing on laptop

I think it is essential for content producers like me to get a complete and accurate picture in our heads of a property. I can explain why in one word.

Sell You Hotel On FB Timeline
October 23, 2012
a hotel on facebook

With many hotels behind the curve on adopting social media into their marketing strategies, many properties are doing a formidable job.

Social Media Listening Tools
October 19, 2012
social media listening

Hoteliers should be aware of all these conversations happening regarding their properties for instant, easy feedback. By simply listening

Location & Geosocial Marketing
September 27, 2012
social media tree

I’d like to share with you my takeaways on this panel that will hopefully stir up some of your own creative juices when it comes to location-based marketing.

Pinterest Board Ideas For Hotels
September 21, 2012
woman coming up with ideas for Pinterest

Once you join the site and choose a username that reflects your hotel, the next thing you should do is brainstorm ideas for boards.

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