Opportunity through Foursquare: Who’s Checking-In to your Business?

In January, Foursquare released an infographic that quickly circulated around social circles throughout the Internet. This informative piece of art cleverly displayed the company’s tremendous growth with specific details on check-in rates, consumer usage and unique Foursquare hot spots.

Within the infographic is a list of the three hotels with the most Foursquare check-ins (At least as of December 2010), which includes:

I immediately assumed that these hotels were probably deeply involved in social media, and therefore found a clever way to draw in a crowd through extra incentives for checking-in. Well…I was wrong! The only hotel on the list that is offering incentives and proactively marketing to their Foursquare followers is the Wynn Hotel & Casino.

Missed Opportunity
With such large Foursquare followings, I’m amazed to see that the Ace Hotel and the St. Regis San Francisco are not taking advantage of the huge marketing opportunity at hand. With the right strategy, incentive and execution, these hotels could easily lead these loyal followers into spots, within the hotel, where they are likely to spend money, including the bar, gift shop or check-in desk.

Likewise, these hotels could also use this platform to build upon their social presence through engagement both online and offline, and in the places that these fans are hanging out the most. Even if these properties are already actively engaging customers on Facebook or Twitter, it may not be the same crowd found on Foursquare. This is why it is important for businesses to research their opportunities, diversify their presence and find the platforms that offer the most opportunity.

What’s your Number?
As different social platforms gain popularity, every business should be aware of how many of its potential and current customers are interacting on these networks. Not every platform is perfect for every business, but not being involved at all could have negative effects on your overall bottom line. So now here’s a question for all the business owners out there, what’s your Foursquare number? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out!

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