Google Analytics is Rolling Out with Real-Time Data

The web is moving faster than ever before and now so is Google Analytics. Last week, the widely used tracking tool received a major upgrade with the launch of its first real-time web traffic tracker. According to the Google blog, this new feature is only available in the new version of Analytics and has already been turned on for a number of users. For everyone else, it will be activated over the next few weeks. With the obvious instantaneity of today’s digital media, this new minute by minute data is exactly what was needed to keep Google Analytics relevant and competitive. But more importantly, access to real-time analytics will now give users the ability to effectively test, manage and track campaign performances without any uncertainty or lag.

The Benefits of Google Real-Time Data
Knowing that time is money, a real-time tracker is the upgrade that most avid Google Analytics users have been waiting to see. It provides a great number of benefits for those who push out data daily and run short-term campaigns. For example, within social media these new instant data reports can be used to measure the immediate traffic impact of blogs, tweets and posts, giving content providers a better idea of what to push out next. Additionally, for anyone trying to test a campaign before its launch, real-time tracking will allow you to try out your tracking tags and measurement plans in seconds. This is a major change considering that in the past there was a lag of at least an hour for any data and 24-hours for full data reporting.

There’s more. For Google fanatics that have been looking for an even more sophisticated system than the current platform, the search giant is also rolling out with Google Analytics Premium, its first paid web tracking product. For $150,000/year, this new service will include extra processing power, advanced analysis and 24/7 support. So although Google may not be the first to offer real-time results or a premium tracking service, it is certainly keeping up with the times by not staying too far behind.

If you still haven’t been upgraded and you’re itching for real-time data, you can sign up for early access at

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