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Giving Back

At E-Marketing Associates, we understand that the basic life necessities we enjoy, in addition to the added luxuries, make us incredibly blessed. In order to show our gratitude and better the community in which we live, we have started an ongoing Corporate Giving Initiative. Philanthropy has always been a fundamental building block of our company, and it is our hope that dedicating our time, energy, and expertise to others less fortunate than us can inspire others to do the same.

Our team works with a local Native American Food Bank called God Provides. The organization serves the greater Los Angeles area and places a large focus on offering a balanced and healthy diet of fresh produce, fruits, dairy, dry goods, meats, and more to those in need.

God Provides does not receive state or federal funding and relies solely on donations.
Please help us in donating your time or money to this truly noble cause by clicking the button below or contacting the organization.